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$10 Commissions!
Small, flat color images or detailed sketches-- your pick!

Or message me for prices on larger or shaded pieces!



It's been a while since I painted a dragon; about time, right?

The Linecrest is a mid-sized herbivore that can travel long distances on its long, study limbs; the lines that run down their sides are used in elaborate social dances to create undulating patterns.
Originally painted for A-Dinosaur-a-Day's 'Dinoween' event, here's a Diabloceratops looking quite... hellish.

Edit: Now at a bigger size with more detail! Enjoy!


United States
My gallery and journals don't show it, but I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. ^^;

Otherwise, I'm into dinosaurs, and I hope to study paleontology. I've loved them since before I was two, and it's never changed. I've been drawing for at least as long, but I'm still working on improving my skills.

I really enjoy drawing dragons, and have a whole mythology for the species I create; I should write it all down sometime. If you're curious about it, just ask. I won't bite. ^^

Current Residence: Dracocosmia
Favourite genre of music: Alternative mostly
Favourite style of art: Cool ones!
MP3 player of choice: Whatever plays my music
Shell of choice: Trilobite!
Skin of choice: Feathers!
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy
Personal Quote: Don't panic!
8 years' worth of stuff. Wow. A bit of a nostalgia trip, and an interesting look at how my art has changed over time. I'm still not where I want to be, not exactly, but I know I will eventually. Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me through the years; we may not talk much if at all, but I'm glad you're here regardless. <3



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